Monday, August 13, 2018

I am still a student, says 78-year-old at JNU convocation

Vishnu Swaroop Saksena, 78, was conferred with a PhD degree at JNU's second convocation. He enrolled at JNU after retirement in 2008 for a Master's course. 

Saksena begin his research 'the trail of two ancient scripts - Brahmi and Kharoshti' in 2012. 

"As a student I welcome the move of convocation as it gives us a platform to receive degrees formally. It was my first ever degree as I could not receive my Bachelor's degree," said Saksena.

Studying at an age of retirement was fun for him. "I enjoyed talking to people and reaching grassroots during my research. It provided me with first hand information on ancient history," he says.

He adds, adjusting to a college environment was easy because of the 'openness' the JNU campus has to offer. "I love the openness with which the university functions. Teachers were accessible and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed knowing new things, poetry and discussions around literature. Even after getting the degree I feel that I am still a student, still a learner," says Saksena.

"I had a great time because I studied to learn with no agenda in mind. Everyone should enjoy their studies and should not aim for anything else but knowledge," he says.

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