Sunday, September 23, 2012

Report of the Induction Meeting for BDP/B.COM Programme of IGNOU on 23.09.2012

The Induction Meeting for BDP/B.COM students was held on 23rd September 2012 at the Study Centre’s Auditorium at 11.00 am. and 2.00 pm.  The Meeting was attended by:
1.      Dr. P. Tripathi                             (Deputy Director, IGNOU Regional Centre-I)
2.      Mr. Tanvir Ahmad                     (Coordinator Study Centre 0742)
3.      Mr. Naveen Raj Bhatia              (Centre In-charge) 
4.      Mrs. Mona Abid                         (Academic Counsellor)
5.      Mr. Mohd. Jalal                          (Lab Asstt)
6.      Mr. Riyazuddin                          (Lab Asstt)

Dr. Tripathi discussed about the courses of IGNOU and its importance. He gave detailed speech about the BDP/BCOM programme and asked how to prepare for exams and assignments. The Deputy Director offered very warm welcome to newly admitted learners. He thanked them for choosing IGNOU as means for enhancing their education achievements. He said the IGNOU provides opportunities for enhancing educational levels for the house wives, jobholders and aged persons who do not get time to attend regular classes in the conventional institutions and those who have not been permitted to take admission in the conventional system due to long gap after achieving certain educational standard from the conventional system, and those who due to some reasons could not continue their studies want to continue their studies.

Mr. Tanvir Ahmad, Coordinator, Study Centre 0742D discussed the Study Plan and explained the following points in detail:
  • Programme Objectives
  • Programme Structure
  • Examination Fee
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Assignments
  • Submission of Term End Theory Exam form.
  • Term End Examination June 2013
  • Job prospects and scope of the course

The Coordinator advised the learners to attend counseling sessions of the IGNOU for their own benefits and also promised to conduct more number of counseling sessions if large no. of students turned up regularly.

Mr. Naveen Bhatia discussed about the Open and Distance Learning System and gave the detailed introduction of IGNOU and its objective. He also discussed about the:

  • Placement Cell
  • Admission / Re-registration
  • Evaluation System
  • Student Support Services
  • Credit System
  • Role of Study Centre
  • Communication skills and Personality Development

He also told that IGNOU, as a Central University offers various programmes. He assured the learners that the Certificates, Diplomas and Degree given by the IGNOU are as good as the certificate Diplomas and Degrees issued by any other universities.

The first meeting ended at about 12.30 pm and second at 4.00 pm and the students were served high tea.

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