Tuesday, January 30, 2018

‘Teachers need to be innovative in class’

BENGALURU: The Teacher Awards for Innovative Teaching (TAFIT) celebrated 16 teachers and their innovative teaching practices. The felicitation ceremony at Christ (deemed to be university) was held here on Monday by the Times Foundation, in collaboration with the institution and supported by Edvantagepoint. The event also felicitated 13 teachers who did a six-month course on Teaching an Inclusive Class (TAIC) by Samam Vidya.

Bore Gowda, a government school teacher in Mandya, not only brought innovation in teaching mathematics to the classroom and school but also inspired many more in his locality. "We use raw material like sticks, pebbles and paper to understand concepts in mathematics," he said.

Shalini Rajneesh, principal secretary, primary and secondary education, said, "Teachers need to be innovative in classrooms. Applying the 80:20 principle, we must look at 20% students who find difficulties in learning and strengthen their knowledge with the belief that every child is gifted." Prof Victor Paul, sociology and social work department, Christ, said the curriculum, methodology and enabling a learning environment are three pillars of education. Padma Shastry, director, Samam Vidya, said, "Innovative methods will make the child fall in love with subjects."

"Children are always in need of that special teacher who makes learning a life-long process," added P Seliha Muvva, founder and CEO, Edvantagepoint.

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