Sunday, March 6, 2016

IGNOU Organized National Seminar On Inter Media Translation; From Word To Visual and Visual To Word

02 March, 2016

Two days National Seminar on Inter Medial translation word to visual and visual to word organized by the School of Translation Studies (SoTST) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) at Maidan Garhi Main campus. During the Inaugural session Prof. Mandavi Singh, Vice Chancellor of Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa vidyalaya was the chief guest, Sh M.K. Raina, Eminent Theatre and Film Personality and innovation in making of a drama from a literary adaptation was the guest of honour. Director Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey (SOTST) was also present during the session. Dr. Jagdish Sharma gave vote of thanks for the session; This seminar was coordinated by Dr. Jyoti Chawala.

Sh. Raina shared his various experiences, which he gained in the field from, making poetry to dramatic presentations. He Said “One should have to know about the science of the Light and Sound in order to have its impact of translation.”
Chief Guest Prof Mandawi Singh discussed about how dance can be translated from different Media. One has to select and then transfer the same with the theme. She said “in Kathak we translate the written forms by the way of Mudras and gestures.”
The event was followed various sessions chaired by well known personalities from Music, Drama etc and enriched audience with their vivid information and experience. The seminar helped students/participants to know how to use the various media and transform the same in either literary form or visual form.

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