Friday, April 7, 2017

Sad or Depressed - Take a quiz

Sad or depressed?
Take a quiz to check what you know about depression,
 The theme for
World Health Day 2017 on April 7

1.      If a person feels sad sometimes, it means person is depressed.
True                                                 False   
2.      Depression affects your mood, but not your body.
True                                                 False   
3.      A person can suffer from depression at any age.
True                                                 False   
4.       Depression can be prevented.
True                                                 False   
5.      Talking to a doctor, friend or member of family helps to deal with depression.
True                                                 False   

Name of the Student                :          
Age                                          :          
Sex                                           :          
Highest Education degree        :          
Batch                                       :          
Roll No./ Enrollment No.        :      

Source: WHO
1.      False
2.      False
3.      True
4.      True
5.      True

1.      False          :           everybody feels sad sometimes, but feelings disappear after some time. However, if someone feels sad all the time, almost every day, for weeks, then they should speak to doctor or loved one.
2.      False          :           depression often leads to a change in eating habits as well as high-risk behaviour and affects mental and physical health.
3.      True           :           children, adolescents, adults and the elderly can suffer from depression.
4.      True           :           it can be prevented.
5.      True           :           talking to a medical professional or family helps to recover from depression.


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