Friday, January 27, 2017

Student Service Centre (SSC) -IGNOU

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system is said to be more learner-centric than the conventional system. In other words, the system is oriented towards the need of the learners.
Thus, the learners should be our main focus. Moreover, the phenomenal growth of IGNOU, both horizontal and vertical, has brought in its trail some issues, problems and causes of concern for the learners.
While every Regional Centre and Study Centre, within their constraints, is capable of providing support to the learners, it was felt that a Centre should be created at IGNOU Headquarters dedicated solely for the purpose of providing learner support in the form of attending to their queries, grievances and if necessary helping them out with suitable guidance and counselling.
It was also felt that there should be some exclusive space at our headquarters where the learners would get an opportunity to meet their peers. In view of above, the Student Service Centre was built in 1999 and was dedicated to the memory of IGNOU's Founder Vice-Chancellor, Late Prof G Ram Reddy.

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