About IGNOU Study Centre -0742 D

AL-Ameen is IGNOU Special Study Centre (Code -0742-D) since 1999 and is activated for the MCA, BCA, CIC, BDP, BPP, DAFE, CAFÉ and PGCCP Programme.

Centre is actively involved in promoting the IGNOU courses via local advertisement through hand Bills, Banners and Posters.

Apart from selling the Prospectus of IGNOU study centre also accepts the admission forms and later forwards them to regional centre on regular basis.

Study centre staff is fully trained to guide and assist the students in filling the admission and examination forms.

Centre also offers and encourage learners to fill the examination forms online in study centre itself.

Exhaustive internal assignments has been prepared for all practical subjects and a list of practical which the students are supposed to do in the labs is distributed to the students and also all the assignments are displayed Computer labs.

Students are strictly asked to follow the internal assignments and the teacher is asked to evaluate the assignments after the student shows